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A decisão de atuar na área de Tecnologia nunca foi uma surpresa nem para mim, nem para quem me conhece. Sempre fui bastante curiosa e entusiasta das infinitas possibilidades que um computador ou videogame me apresentavam. Criar e aprender é o que me move até hoje e, com certeza, foi…

How I got here

During the time I’ve been working as a Software Developer, I’ve seen people state often times that we tend to leave the fundamentals of the technology stack we use behind to ship code faster and deliver value to companies so the deadlines are met.

I have been there myself. We…

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As the Software Engineer role grows in popularity and everyone gets themselves into technical bootcamps, it’s also common to see companies saying that Soft Skills are also an important factor when considering a candidate for a position. …

Pile of copies of the book ‘Brotopia — Breaking up the Boys’ Club of Silicon Valley’

From video games to spaceships, technology’s played a big role in modern society. Powerful men leading the movement are often celebrated and recognized as the face of the tech industry. However, have you ever asked yourself why almost no women make it to the headlines?

Being a female Software Engineer…

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Ever since I became a part of the team at QuintoAndar, I was introduced to many processes I was not familiar with. One of those was mandatory code reviews.

In short, code reviewing is reading through another person’s code and commenting whether you think there’s a better way of solving…

Há alguns meses me deparei com este post incrível do Gabs Ferreira discutindo o fato que as empresas querem sempre contratar os melhores profissionais, mas nunca desenvolvê-los.

Durante os meus anos de atuação como Desenvolvedora de Software, passei por bastante coisa. …

Stephany Nusch

She/her. Neurodiverse software developer. I like languages, games, music and frogs.

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